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This bracelet is made from all natural, cultured, freshwater pearls ranging from 4-6mm in diameter. It's put together with soft, polyester string with a no-show knot.

Pearl is a stone of inner wisdom and symbolizes innocence. It provides relief from anxiety, nervousness, and our inner voices. Pearl also soothes emotions and enhances personal integrity.

Product details:

Material: 925 Silver Plating on Copper
Quality: 100% Brand new, High quality
Size: Elastic to fit all wrists.Chain Length: 20cm (7.8 inches) Chain Width: 6 mm
Available colors: Black, Purple, Red, White
Shipping time: 2-3 weeks since this is a customized piece of jewelry.
However, there might be delays due to high volume of orders.

 *Heartwarming Message Card Included

Included with each order:

Single compartment exclusive gift box in matte black. 

Certificate of Authenticity Card - Features Woohops Seal Of Authenticity certifying the jewelry is handmade, and crafted of genuine 925 sterling silver materials.

Exclusive Message Card - The card you see in the photos with the message or graphic on it comes with every order.

Shipping Times

            -  Processing day: 1-5 business days.

            -  Delivery day: 5-10 business days (not including processing day).

All items offered on KISSFAITH are made-to-order. This means that when you place your order, we print that item/s just for you, one at a time for the best quality!

We work with different artists and manufacturers worldwide. This is the reason for the delivery times below. Keep in mind that that is also the reason we are able to offer such amazing pricing on our products.

Shipping Times

- Processing day: 1-5 business days.

- Delivery day: 5-10 business days (not including processing day).

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